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    Carrier Infinity 25HNA ??

    What is the current availability status on the 25HNA6 models and the 25HNA9 models? Has there been any 25HNA9 models at all?
    I am told they are still few and far between here in the midwest.
    All you guys that have been installing these new models, has there been any issues so far?

    I have been wanting to hold out for the 25HNA9 model but don't want to wait forever. I need an 024 and an 036.

    I currently have a 38YDB036 matched to a FE4A fan coil and a 38YZA024 matched to a FE4A fan coil. Its a long story as to why I am waiting for the new models but it has to do with the 38YDB's not being available last fall when both of my systems were installed.

    Anyone wanting to know if the matched Infinity (or Evolution) systems live up to the hype? I may qualify for the "Most Anal Homeowner" award. I study, study, study, then collect data, collect some more data, then analize it all. Then do it again.

    This Infinity system is a CADILLAC.

    I have now been thru one heating season and far enough into the first cooling season to know.

    The indoor humidity has not been above 44% so far. The humidity has stayed about 1-3% below the target set point. The 38YDB036 spends enought time on low speed to keep the humidity below the target without having to prioritize humidity and drop the air flow. I keep the air flow set to "Efficiency".

    I have no complaints with the basic 38YZA either. With the Infinity controls and the FE fan coil it is a very nice system.

    My contractor(friend and business owner) really did a top notch job on the install. No corners cut. And he hasn't had to listen to me complain yet! Now if those new models will just show up.

    Sorry for the long post.

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    Re: Carrier Infinity 25HNA ??

    Originally posted by brjones

    The indoor humidity has not been above 44% so far. The humidity has stayed about 1-3% below the target set point. The 38YDB036 spends enought time on low speed to keep the humidity below the target without having to prioritize humidity and drop the air flow. I keep the air flow set to "Efficiency".
    Keep in mind that if you ever do need the system to prioritize dehumidification and drop the air flow, those features are completely disabled in Efficiency mode. In my experience that has been the only difference between Comfort and Efficiency modes during cooling season.

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    they only have them in 2 ton onthe 9"s other sizes are coming in late fall,I await my 5 ton with baited breath.

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    Why would having the air flow set to "efficiency" keep it from prioritizing in a high humidity condition?

    There are 3 choices under HP Air Flow: Maximum, Efficiency, Comfort.

    As best I can tell this HP Air Flow setting is used like a baseline. It will never go higher but can go lower.

    There are 2 choices under Dehum Air Flow: High & Normal

    Mine is set to Normal.

    This is an 036 unit and here is what changing the HP Air Flow does to the CFM's.

    Unit running in high speed with a humidity target of 45% and the actual humidity is 43%:

    Max = 1200 CFM or 400 CFM per ton
    Efficiency = 1101 CFM or 367 CFM per ton
    Comfort = 1050 CFM or 350 CFM per ton

    Under the current conditions with humidity less than target changing the Dehum Air Flow to High does nothing which is what I would expect given the above a/f readings. I don't think there is any way to request more than 400 CFM per ton, only less.

    I would have to find a time when the actual humidity is higher than the target to see the difference in the a/f from "Normal" to "High".

    I should never say never but right now I am not sure if and or when I might see those conditions unless we have been gone for an extended time and even then I would leave it on no more than it is costing to operate it.

    In past years the indoor humidity was normally in the 60% range and at times even higher.

    You can see why I am so happy with this system.

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    I was hoping for more discussion on the control logic??

    I take it that the only "9" models that have been installed are 024's? You guys that have been installing them are you happy with the scroll and the other differences from the YDB models?

    I have no complaints what so ever with the Bristol 2 stage and am wondering if the scroll is worth waiting on. I really suppose it will be several years before anyone knows for sure which one is the best in the long run.

    Does anyone know if the latest Infinity control version has corrected the known flaw in the cycle counters and run times on both stages of the HP? No it doesn't effect the performance at all but it is interesting information.

    Wanting some feedback here on the new units??

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    Office and warehouse in both Crystal River & New Port Richey ,FL
    Carrier engineers at the National Convention ,stated that the Bristol will do a better job of dehumidifing, in humid climates.this is due to less capacity in low ,so it will run longer cycles.

    That said either is a great choice,and the Copeland ,is the higher SEER model ,as you probably know.

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    There is no doubt the Bristol matched to the FE fan coil does a great job dehumidifing and I can see the benefit of 50% capacity versus the unloading scroll.

    What is your opinion on the lifespan of the Bristol versus the Copeland? The Bristol is going to have many more "starts" over the years than the Copeland considering it has to stop and reverse directions to change from high to low and vice versa.

    There were a couple other features on the "9" model that I liked but I am still unsure if they are only available on the "9".

    The ECM cond fan?

    TXV at cond for heat mode?

    If I remember right the only way to get those options in the 38YDB was in the "037" model and by the time I wanted them they were not available.

    Do you like the new cond cabinets?

    Is it true that the Infinity will not prioritize humidity with the "HP Air Flow" set to "Efficiency"?? Then it would also be true if set to "Maximum"?

    I don't see why this setting would limit it because there is also the "Dehumid Air Flow" setting which is only "Normal or High".

    I was in a sub divison over the weekend where the starting prices of new 6,000+ sq ft homes is well over 1 million dollars and all I saw were what I call builder grade HVAC systems. Very basic. I don't understand why they would cheap out on the HVAC but go way overboard on other less important features. Makes no sense to me.

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