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    Does anyone have knowledge of a slit a/c unit that has an outside unit with coils that are "salt air" protected? I have contacted Fujitso (no reply) and Mitsu who has told me that this is an after market addition. They gave me the name of "Bly Gold" as an after market company but no way of contacting them. Can't find them listed. Is coil treatment for salt air environs something I should even worry about? It was a big deal when I replaced the main unit a/c. As summer is here, I am one desperate lady with a grand child coming into a room I'd like to cool down. Thanks so much for any ideas.

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    BlyGold is based in Florida, and can be reached at 888-924-4060. Explain your situation, ask their advice based on the weather where you live.

    However, their products may be only used for larger commercial systems.

    Perhaps they can give you the name of a local technician who uses their coatings on residential systems.

    Don't try this yourself, of course. And remember, anything you do may invalidate any current warranty on the split system.
    Terry McIver, Content Director, magazine.

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