Adiabatic-One who should avoid sweets
AFUE-The number of furnaces tested
Bimetal-What we do at the supply house
Flue-What the chimney did during the tornado
Contactor-A telephone
Damper-Wetter than usual
Degree day-Graduation
EER-An auditory appendage lost while listening to a fan blade
External Equalizer-An unconcealed handgun
Fire damper-Water
Gas valve-A sphincter
Hot wire-Alternative to vehicle leasing
Normally closed-The parts house on week-nights and weekends
Normally open-The mother in laws mouth
Primary air-The main inheritor
Psych chart-The medical history posted on a clipboard attached to a mental patients bed
Secondary air-The beneficiary of the primary air
Shaft play-An adult film starring Ron Jeremy
Short to ground-A dwarf
Turning vane-Becoming conceited