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    Renewaire ERV units

    Not sure who to contact here, but I have a project that needs Renewaire erv units mod# HE1XINH and HE2XINH specifically. These are speced for the job and they are priced way higher than the greenhecks. Does anyone know where I could get these direct from the manufacturer to avoid the middle man. The job is already bid out, and the architect denied the greenheck units. We are an hvac contractor in Michigan, and the distributors who handle this area are way out of the ballpark.

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    When ever I bid a project that substitutions aren't allowed. I price it with the equipment they speced. So I've never needed to find a lower price on that equipment.

    What you can do. Is have the GC buy all the equipment from the distributor himself, and avoid you as the middle man. It will save them a lot of money.
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