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    Trave vs American Standard Model Numbers

    I'm bidding a job where the other contractor is a Trane dealer; I install American Standard.

    Air Handler Question: The other contractor has submitted an air handler model GAF2AOB36S31SA. I cannot find that model number in Dealer Net, or by performing a google search (the closest found is model number: GAF2A0A36S31SA). Is GAF2AOB36S31SA a valid Trane model number; if so, what is the equivalent American Standard model number. I've checked with my AmStd supplier, and they, also, have been unable to ID the GAF2AOB36S31SA.

    Heat Pump Question: the Trane contractor has specified a heat pump model 4TWR3036B1000A. Would the American Standard equivalent be 4TWB3036B1000B (the builder’s model), or 4A6H3036B1000A (the Heritage line)?

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    Air handlers should be 100% identical so likely a typo. The 4A6H3 would be the match to the 4TWR3.

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    he is bidding the cheap air handler bid the cheap one and also bid the tam7 as some match ups get 15 seer with the xr13 out door unit
    We really need change now

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