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    Hi all-Looking for some advice.....need new Heat pump. Old Trane system 8 seer unit, evaporation coil gone bad decided to look into replacing whole Heat pump unit since it is 17 + yrs old.

    1st quote: Got quote to replace with 14.75 seer 8.3 HRSP Trane unit for XXXX.00 installed.

    2nd quote: Payne 10 seer outdoor compressor and Bryant 2.5 ton indoor air handler for XXX.00 installed.

    I have a 1400 sqft 3 level townehouse in Maryland and wonder if I need a 14 seer unit compared to the 10 seer? Is the Trane unit worth the XXX.00 difference more than the Payne/Bryant unit? Is it adviseable to mismatch equipment?

    Thanks for your thoughts...

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    First off, SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficency Ratio, pretty much that translates into how efficient it is. The higher the number, the more energy efficient it is. 10 SEER is the lowest allowed by Law to sell, but it is now Obsolete, the minimum now going to be is 13 SEER in the very near future, End of this month I think.
    Bryant and Payne, and Carrier are all made by the Carrier Corp. so it wouldn't be mixing and matching, it is pretty much the same equipment with different cosmetics.
    To me, I wouldn't have a trane, and don't get me wrong, it is a good solid unit, but from a service ability stand point they stink. I would get a few more quotes, and then do some pondering if I were you. Don't forget to compare warranties either
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    If you plan on being in your townhouse for any length of time,I suggest you look at Carrier's Infinity/Bryant Evolution heat pump systems. If not interested in these systems, then I would look at Trane's XL14i or XL16i heat pumps. Personally, I think Trane/AS make the best heat pumps but are weak on their controls.I would not purchase a new system without a var spd air handler.

    I would not have a Payne unless that was all I could afford.

    Make certain you get a heat/cool load calc for properly sizing new system and have your ductwork inspected. Now is the time to discuss any air flow problems to parts of your home.

    My opinion.
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    Thanks, The HVAC company selling the Payne/Bryant 10 Seer units did inform me that the were going to be obsolete/out of production and he had purchased a few of these units to sell to TH owners in our community in situations like mine (he lives in the community and services allot of homes here)where he does not think I will recoup the money difference in the "newer" equipment over it's life.

    Most HVAC company want to sell me a 13-14 seer unit which is what is being manufactured now....I guess my decision is to decide if its better to save 2500.00 now and go with the lesser 10 seer unit and if I will ever recoup the 2500.00 difference over the next 10 yrs if I buy the more efficent unit 13-14 seer compared to the 10 seer....decisions, decisions!

    Thanks again....

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    jenkij wrote:
    > decide if its better to save 2500.00 now and go with the lesser 10 seer unit and if I will ever recoup the 2500.00 difference over the next 10 yrs

    here's another thought. you might need to sell the house or you could die and your estate would need to be liquidated.

    I would not buy your house with a 10 SEER equipment if another similar house was available with 13+ gear

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    this precise situation just happened on my street.

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    Payne vs Trane

    Comparing Payne to Trane is like comparing a Yugo to a Mercedes Benz. Trane is the best built, most reliable heat pump you can buy. Some people will say you are only paying for the Trane name, however, do you think people pay for a Mercedes because of the name? No, they know its built like a tank & offers performance and comfort that others cannot.

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    Brand is not really a big issue.

    If I am planning to use it very seldomly, I will opt for a cheap one. The possibility of breakdown is very low.

    Otherwise, a more expensive, and reliable one will always win my heart

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