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Thread: New Coil Gun

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    Has anybody tried one yet? Not cheap to buy. Could be a time saver.


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    Just bougt them for my techs and they love them. Your right it is a huge time saver. Cuts down thetime by a 3rd.

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    Saves time, but you can use at lot more chemical if you are not careful.
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    I have one too, but like other posters have said, you can really go through quite a bit of chemical in a relatively short amount of time. I wouldn't recommend it for little refrigeration condensers that are inside unless you have a magic wand that removes all of the water you'll be going through.

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    Fantastic machine been using them for years, the old ones had a brass adjustment that always got stuck!! The new ones are much better with the plastic wheel to adjust the mixture, most of the time I use it without the foamer on the end, just pull the top off the unit and spray from the inside out, rinse and you have a like new coil in about 5 min. Just love the smoke on the really dirty ones!!
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    Picked mine up last year, now I won't use anything else. Like the others say it will eat coil cleaner like an SUV eats gas. Don't use hydrofloric acid (pink coil cleaner) in it. Read the MSDS on that sh*t.

    Setting E with caustic soda (yellow coil cleaner), without the diffuser works good enough for me.

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    We've been using those for over 3 years and absolutely love them. A real time saver. They will suck down the coil cleaner. Just keep moving with it and don't wait for the foam. It'll follow maybe 20 seconds later and the coil will clean up fine. If you're applying condenser cleaner with a garden sprayer you've really got to try one of these.

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    all of the above.... I agree.

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    Here's a Foam Funnel that Refrigeration Technologies offers if you have thick coils. Attach it to that foam gun and press it against the coil and pull the trigger. Really pushes the chemical deep.

    And if the coil is up against a wall such as some walk in remotes are there is this nifty tight space flexible wand

    And yes they also have their own Foam Gun and cleaners as well.

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    Been using one for about a year, they will go through some chemical though. Take the foamers off and toss them, the artifically generated foam doesn't penetrate well but the chemical/water steam goes right through and rarely is water pressure high enough to damage coil fins.


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