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    Confused UA members: NSMA (MES) vs. Local classifications.

    Could you UA members working or have worked under the National Service and Maintenance Agreement (MES) weigh in? My home Local, NM, classifies Chiller Mechanics as Journeyman. I'm looking into traveling in AZ Local (PHX)'s jurisdiction, but their Chiller Mechanics are "Applied Journeyman". This is paid hour-for-hour while working on Chillers, Boilers and over 100 TR. AZ Local (PHX)'s "Journeyman", by NM Local's and the NSMA work scope, is a "Serviceman" or "Service Craftsman". So a question I have is, do the companies under the NSMA or their own Agreements base themselves on the AZ Applied Journeyman wage and disregard anything below that listed in the Local Agreement?

    AZ Local (PHX)
    Applied Jm $37.50/Hr.
    Jm $32.50/Hr.
    No Local "Serviceman"
    No Local "Tradesman"

    NSMA in the AZ Local (PHX) jurisdiction?
    Jm $37.50/Hr.?
    Sm $30.00/Hr.?
    Tm $18.75/Hr.?

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    Got me. It seems like there are so many different classifications, it's hard to know what's what. I'm in OH, so... not much help here. Maybe someone else can weigh in.

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    I think it might be time we phone or email the two locals in AZ.

    and find out.

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