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Thread: sears ref. tech

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    sears ref. tech

    Hey guys,
    just got offered a position as refrigeration tech at sears. have 5 years field experience and a decent job right now, although the pay sucks. Have read some negative stuff about being an employee of sears but the offer looks good. Any thoughts?

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    Id stay away and i did too. Its probably good for a starter but at your experience itll hold you back.

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    I was a Sears tech 3 different times. Hell with a paycheck. Would you like to work on sunday for straight time pay? One of the techs Quit because they wouldn't give him the day off to go to his brothers wedding. They just fired one of my best friends after 25 years with the company. He is the best appliance repairman I know and I know dozens of appliance guys. Why don't you switch to commercial and make some real money? I switched in 1999 and have always made at least 50k since then.
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    never worked for them, know a guy that did, said it was the only job he could get right outta tech school, said they will hire anyone.
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    whether the job is good or bad will depend on what your manager is like.
    the managers have a lot more control then they act like.
    try to get the "refrigeration" training.
    refrigerators are easy, most of the problems are now circuit board related.

    i worked with somone who was named "the number #1 SEARS technician" a couple of years ago, unfortunatley, selling maintenence contracts, water filters, front doors, and new rooves are far more important then fixing refrigerators.
    don't think the focus of your job will be about fixing things.
    also you should know that SEARS technicians are masters of passing problem jobs to other techs, which we called "pulling a Houdini"
    (the tech that orders a part is not always the tech that installs them)

    everyone at SEARS walks on thin ice, including the managers, they cut whole departments without blinking an eye.

    i say take the job and see how it goes, some people adapt to the routine.
    working at SEARS will not hurt your career, people are impressed with the name "SEARS", whoooooo

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