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    I have a 19 year old Rheem AC. The A-coil is new with a new furnace (2 years old). would I gain enough efficience to justify replacing a condenser that still works?

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    Depends. In many areas, short cooling season and/or low electric rates don't justify replacing a working unit just for a few SEER points. In other areas with long summers and high juice rates, might not be a bad idea. Regardless, you are on borrowed time. If you don't mind being down while you research and chose a replacement, hang on til she dies. This isn't the cheapest time of year to buy. Wait til early fall or cheaper yet, end of winter.

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    So many useless brochures have been in front of me the last few days I could have this all wrong, but if you change out a 10 seer unit for a 14 seer every $100 the old unit would have cost you the new one does for $63.

    Beyond cost, and remember I have been reading way too many brochures, some new units have a much improved comfort range where temperature and humidity don't wiggle so much.

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