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    I live in New York, so we only get about 2-1/2 months of summer with usually only a week or two or three of hot/humid weather. I received estimates for two Lennox central air systems and would like to know which would be the one to go with: XC15-030 (2-1/2 ton) or XC21-036 (3 ton)
    CBX32MV036 CBX32MV24/30
    PMAC-12C/20C filter PCO-12U/20U Pure Air
    Honeywell digital thermostat Signature Stat
    The only calculation done by the salesman was Lennox's own cooling data sheet. The 2nd dealer also gave an estimate on these 2 Lennox systems only with slightly different components. I had wanted an estimate on Trane, but he said they use plastic tubing instead of copper and did the estimate on Lennox as follows:
    XC15-036 (3 ton) or XC21-036 (3 ton)
    CBX32MV036 CBX32MV036
    PCO-12C PCO-12C
    Signature Stat thermostat Signature Stat
    He wouldn't do a manual - J as he says they take 3 hours to do, and he will only do it after we sign with him. Both dealers played around with the rebates. Also do I need to get the air filter or is this an option that is not necessarily needed. I wonder if the XC21 is overkill. I will also be getting an estimate on a Bryant system.Thanks for your help.

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    For a short summer, probably everything over a 13 SEER is overkill. Don't expect a big payback on high SEER though you do have some high juice rates I recall. Certainly not going to pay for an XC21.

    As I posted elsewhere, I'd put in a standard 13 SEER and put the $,$$$ premium for the super stuff into insulation or windows or something that will really pay you back. Another layer of insulation in the attic is a very fast payback as it saves 365 days a year.

    As for the horsehockey about using plastic tubing in a Trane, that dealer is full of it He may mean aluminum tubing and it is proven over 45+ years to not leak!

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    Thank you for your response. My mistake, he did say aluminum. Reason for copper being better was it could be soldered if need for repair.

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    Originally posted by acefurnacefixer
    It doesnt matter what system you go with.............with Lennox your a winner either way.
    Not completely true. It really depends on the usage amount.

    Second BaldLoonie on 13 SEER being a bit too "efficient" for you

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    Two things, as far as the trane and the aluminum vs. copper. Yes it would be almost impossible to repair an aluminum coil if it leaks that is why they most likely will replace the whole coil if it leaks.

    Anyways, I would find a contractor that would do a manual J. There are many out there and that is the only true way to know what size equipment you need. Make a few phone calls and find a contractor that does it. Any of the real good contractors do it as part of there regular sales call.

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