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    Old R134A Tank ????????????

    I have an old tank of r134a . It is about half full. I don't work with 134a that much and when I do the it's a small system with less then 2lbs. I was cleaning the shop and came across the old tank it looks rusted on the outside. So my question is does freon go bad? Is the tank rusted all the way thru? Is the gas contaminated? I think maybe I should toss it and by a fresh bottle. However I don't like throwing away money if the gas is good.

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    I would surmise that if your tank was rusted all the way through that you would be lacking any 134a in the bottle. ;-)

    If you are unsure of the purity of the gas, then don't use it and dispose of it properly.

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    The refrigerant will not go bad and I can't imagine how it would get contaminated in the tank since any leaks would leak out, not in. If the tank is severely rusted it could be an explosion hazard. If thats the case, I would transfer the remaining gas to a clean recovery tank and use it from that.

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