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    Squirrels must be real dumb, that ain't the first one I've seen. I've seen squirrels and birds in flue pipes, even seen a photo of an owl in a flue once...

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    Discipline your child so that other parents don't have to.

    We're awl pawthetic and kweepy and can't get giwrls. That's why we fight wobots.

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    I found a slightly burnt and mummified box turtle in a furnace parked on top of the heate exchanger, no cooling on this one. The owner said they always wondered where that box turtle was hiding. The poor thing fell down a floor vent and found his way to his doom.

    The place was a bit of a dump, I was wondering how they did not notice a warm dead turtle smell the thing was about the size of a series 8000 Honeywell.

    The turtle was probably like an air freshener, "Gee honey you need to get a refill the smell is gone".

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