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    There is a program you can download onto your laptop. Instead of banging your head trying to work through all the parameters with the buttons and DIP switches, or in the case of the Prodigy, working through a laundry list of confusing branches of info, the program brings up the rooftop and all the parameters, sensor readings, testing, etc LIVE.
    Fast and easier to troubleshoot and commission any L-series, Energence, and Stratego units.

    Program can be downloaded for free from Lennox's commercial site. Program also comes with a simulator so you can set back and learn real quick by playing with phantom units. You will need to purchase the communication kit to allow you to plug your laptop into the board. The kit uses a 9 pin serial that most laptops do not have, so you may need to go to RadioShack and get a 9pin to USB conversion kit. All in all, once you have it you can just simply plug in and play.

    Lennox Software:

    Lennox Network BUS to PC Converter: Lennox PART# 96L78

    Radio Shack 9pin serial to USB converter:

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    Can it be done also using a tablet?

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