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    Our home is getting updated and we are going to a high efficient carrier infinity model.

    The guy that did the layout originally had the furnaced positioned as the old one was because he said the side w/the (2) PVC entries closer together (the right side) is most efficient, I think he said it comes off the top and nothing sits on the bottom (but I could be mistaken)

    Anyway, on the opposite side - the (2) PVC openings are spread far apart where one enters hi and the other on the bottom of the blower - he recommnded not using this side.

    OK - now a guy comes to set furnace and measure ductwork and we realize that the water heater pipes will be in the way (sort of) and suggests we flip the furnace around as I was originally intending... I told him about the previous comment about the furnace being more efficient if they exit the right side rather than on the left, He did n't know.

    Any insight would certainly be very helpful as this install most likely will not happen for a few days.

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    The efficency isn't affected by vent pipe location at furnace. That furnace is a multi position furnace meaning that it can stand up or lay on it's side. The vent and the drain can be reconfigured depending depending on position without any change in efficency. For the definative answer contact Carrier
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    It is a regular (upflow) verticle furnace


    You're saying on this model (infinity mvb) that it makes no difference whether or not the pvc pipes come from the right or left side?

    He said he can do it either way, but that guy is the installler, not sales or service. Said let him know before he starts : )) and he'll do it.

    The holes on the cabinet differ from the left or right on this model, I guess it just depends on the airflow from the blower (whether it comes off the bottom or the top)

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    If you are that concerned, have the installer show you the installation manual that comes with every furnace. It will
    show all the different ways they can be vented and what the restrictions are. "Just an installer" is probably one of the
    smartest guys in the company.
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