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    voyager fan

    This is my first but not last post. Im helping a fellow HVAC prof. replace and repair units on his industial building. We replaced two failed compressors and he accidentally put his coil wire for a compressor on a 460 terminal. Blowed the fuse on the board then unit would only cycle fan for about 30 seconds and shutdown. Replaced board with a like unit and still same thing. Went through troubleshooting manual with no luck. Unit will not even run through test mode. This is a little over my head but going to Lacrosse in June to get better training. Checked all safeties and unit has economizer. No luck! Any suggestions are appreciated.

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    Do you have 24 volts from the transformer?
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    will it cycle thru test mode?

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    How are you getting the fan to run if it won't run in test mode? Sounds like the airflow switch is not making. Check the fan rotation to make sure its turning the right way. If it is see if your switch is making. But it sounds like you have a lot more issues here. Good luck
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    Found corroded pin on the economizer. Broke off when I was removing it. Diconnected and unit started and ran great. Thanks for the help!

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