Location: Gulf Coast
Issue: expired evap on 5 ton split AC, Amana R22 - want to replace with modern system
Home: double pane glass, built '98 with decent insulation


  1. Quiet system (compressor/condenser located near bedroom outside
  2. Efficiency as high as economically possible
  3. Quality system that is not a POS like my Amana
  4. Will work with my existing Amana forced air gas furnance, horizontal in attic. AC coil on slab

WHile I am not really psyched with my furnace in terms of quality or features - it does the job as little as we need it which is about 2 months of the year. When I lived in Maryland I went full-bore and installed a high efficiency furnace that used those PVC intake/exhausts, that was a nice system. I digress. Since the furnace was inspected and the techs have told me its "like new" with the little use we give it, and our limited heating needs, I figure I'll keep it although I'd like to get the dual speed Seer 16 type AC. But like you want a Corvette and buy a Cruze, I doubt I will spend that sort of money.

What units are recommended for people like me who value a quality product and willing to pay for it?

I had a recommendation to get American Standard as a "built by Trane" that has a very durable case, non rusting hardware, etc.


I live on a community lake and would LOVE to do a Waterfurnace geothermal unit but the HOA is not chancing screwing up the lake no matter what I tell them. : ~( Also the fact I could install it myself would be cool as its all self-contained you only plumb the coolant lines and electrical, etc. anyway, that's probably not going to happen. I know I could do a vertical array but have a small < 1/4 acre yard and not much room for anything like that, however the high water table would probably give excellent transfer.

Well, thanks for listening to rambling.