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    Located in hot and humid SE Florida. Humidity control is of big concern to us, due to wanting to keep mold/mildew at bay.
    The Trane dealer we are going with steered me away from the XL803 thermostat that has humidity sensor capabilities, instead recommended the XL602 which does not.
    Would you experts agree with that recommendation?

    system is Trane
    XL14i 2TTX4030
    Air Handler TWE040E (variable speed)

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    I don't know the Trane numbers,but I'd want dehumidification control ,at least equal to a Carrier Thermidistat ,in Florida.

    Buying a variable speed indoor unit without it,in Florida ,is a waste ,IMHO.

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    The Vision Pros only overcool to dehumidify. I'd get a White-Rodgers 1F95-391, Climatouch/Totaltouch or the Carrier Thermidistat like dash suggested. All 3 will trigger the dehumidify on demand (slow the blower) that the TWE-E is capable of.

    How's Alberto treating you guys?

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    no expert but I vetoed TCONTxxx installation and asked for climatouch with DH

    alberto is of no concern to s.florida, just rain

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    hmmm... I also told installer I didn't want tcont803 and asked for pricing if they kept unit, but installed one of the above mentioned units. They said they wouldn't install it and could cause warranty issues.

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    dbl post deleted.

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    Other alternatives

    With a VS air handler you also have the option of a separate dehumidistat. Honeywell makes all the ones I know of. Perhaps for some reason that approach may help a meeting of the minds between installer and customer. You can Google search "dehumidistat" and find the Honeywell model easily.

    But if your tech won't cooperate with having a dehumidistat at all, he probably has an inkling of his own limitations and you would be better off with another guy. Indeed there are more things to get correct with a dehumidistat function. In my own homeowner experience, I recognized the blower speed was not slowing down when it should (Totaline 1400 touch screen), then the tech was convinced to look for an error. Easy to find and fix when you know it's there, IMO that makes it almost not a problem at all.

    Hope this helps -- Pstu

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    What exactly happens with the warranty? It's my understanding that, for instance, the 10 year warranty extends to the handler as well when it's installed along with the compressor... I'm not sure about the coverage on the stat itself, but clearly there's nothing that voids any warranty when installer puts in stat that matches system...

    ... so if you add another stat, could that cause warranty issues on the other pieces? Any chance they could claim that premature system failure is not their problem because you attempted to control it with inappropriate equipment?

    Does it make a difference if you installed it or them? If contractor installation makes a difference, but your company won't touch it, what if you have another trane certified company do it? I'm a little confused on these sort of warranty issues because of warranties going through their distributor, and through company of install, etc.

    Interested in humidistat, though... noticing system going through full cycle late at night... and going a couple degrees beyond target. That shouldn't be happening. Better controller would limit it to slow blower across stage 1, wouldn't make so much noise at night... and wouldn't overcool as much.

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    Since my posting advice when I clearly know nothing really annoys some of the guys here, the whole point of the variable speed air handler with respect to dehumidification is a special mode that operates the blower at a lower speed which is less efficient (doesn't cool the house as well) but really pulls water out of the air. Something has to tell the air handler to go into dehumidify mode, and that means one of the special thermostats like the Climatouch or Thermidistat.

    If you don't have a variable speed air handler with the dehumidify mode, some thermostats like the HoneyWell VisionPro 8000 allow the normal cooling cycle to continue a few degrees past the low point you set to reduce the himidity if needed a bit more than otherwise, but it makes the air colder and uses more energy.

    Your installer is there and we aren't, so maybe he has a good reason for what he wants to do, but it makes no sense to me.

    Two kinds of warranty, something breaks and there is no question about whether or not it works, and system sort of works but you aren't happy with it and the installer won't touch it. Any kind of service that is at the discretion of the original installer is the warranty you may not have.

    3 bids and all the details of the install in advance and life is a lot easier after the install.

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    Well, the most dangerous thing I want to be sure of is tht there's no way install company can refuse to honor warranty on air handler or compressor by saying system was tampered with by adding unauthorized stat... stat must have caused whatever problem handler or comp is having.

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    My point is exactly that, on any thing where the first line of service is the installer, all of the subjective confort issues, they can say told ya not to do that, but I can fix it at your expense. All the stuff that is very unlikely to ever have a problem should have the normal full warranty, its just all the poor but sort of working stuff that happens all the time you may have trouble with and no real recourse.

    The problem isn't that some generic other brand of thermostat properly installed might harm your system. The problem is that the judge of whats to blame for all problems will at least initially be your installer. Its a no win situation for you if the work is already done and paid for.

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