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    Ive got a customer who wants to add A/C to her trailer. She has a coil in the furnace, but will have to replace to 13 seer coil to match the condenser. Question is this, supply house first says that new coil will fit in the furnace, then I call back and they say that it might not fit but the feedback they are getting is that if I notch out the top lip of the case it will slide in and work. I guess Im asking if any of you guys have had to do this to any of the coleman units. The model number of the unit is Mod: 7836-730. Yes I know it is a old unit and would be better to replace but unit looks in good shape and of course she says she cant afford hole new system. Anyway appreciate any info on this situation.

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    Tell her to give up a few months of bingo and beer and she will be able to afford what she needs. Unless you are running a charity operation, her not being able to afford a proper cooling system should not be your concern.
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    Well Robo, for one she is not the beer drinking bingo going person you think she is. And No Im not doing any charity work. I was just asking if anyone has run across this. She is going to have to pay me a pretty good chunk of change before I do this and Im trying to be thorough and CMA.

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