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    I want a nice looking big touch screen, thinking so far of the VisionPro 8000 from Honeywell, but I don't think I am understanding what the thermostat is doing.

    OK, this much seems simple;

    Turn on the blower motor, "maybe" with some kind of speed control.

    Turn on the furnace, maybe with some kind of power setting.

    Turn on the Compressor.

    Manage the timing of turning stuff on and off.

    Display the time and other settings.

    *********************** What goes on with humidity, or is that only when using a humidifier?

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    The TH8321 lets you put in a desired humidity setting for summer. If the house is more humid, that stat can turn on the A/C and overcool the house up to 3 trying to lower the humidity.

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    cool,Does it need to be the TH8321 1006, thats whats on Honeywell's site, but I don't know if that means it has the humidty setting or controls a humidifier.

    I am even thinking of popping for the "ridiculously" priced second sensor if I could figure someplace to put it on the second floor which tends to bake in winter.

    Kind of funny to me, but NOBODY has looked at any of my vents yet, which is fine with me since I know they are all old broken junk and I plan to replace them later when I paint, but nobody so far has looked. Working vents may do a lot to even out the temps.

    Thanks again BaldLoonie.

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