Also, has anyone used Mastercool hoses? I was surprized that they wouldn't take the time to corss reference their hose to those of a yellow jacket hose i use for evactuation. THis is a company doens't want help its customer find a comparable hose of a yellow jacket brand i have absolutley no intetest purchasing a product that a comapny doesn't want to make a sale with. I stick with my yellow jacket 2 hose for evacuation since the company/owner doens't want to waste his time taking care of his customers needs( mastercool.....AS You can tell im not afraid to spend money but if i'm treated poorly that company can sink and die fo all i care for the lack of disrespect givent to prospective customers; we run a multi-million dollar hvac business and if i'm treated in such a manner i won't only not use their product i will instruct other in the industry to not use their a company with that demeiner i was treated as. I don't act like a big shot. I'f you treat he little guy like garbage i have no respect for you or your company. It make me sick to say the least. Sorry for the rant but i was disqusted in the way if was treated.