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Thread: Drywall Mistake

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    Help guys!
    What is the easiest way to locate a hidden HVAC register? Two story house, new construction, and drywall contractors covered up a few on the first floor.

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    I've never had em cover up a boot, but they've covered up my thermostat wire a bunch of times. Did you use boot rails to put the boots up? If so, I would try getting one of those stud finders that find metal studs & see if it would pick up the boot rail. I've never tried this but it seems like it might work.
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    If you can access one end of the pipe that's hidding run some fish tape down it and listen for it.

    The other option would be crank the a/c or heat way up and use an temp gun and shoot the wall looking for the hot/cold spot.
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    what was said already or turn on the heat or ac let it run for about half hour thrn run a infrared thernomiter along the wall til it shows the hot spots or cold ones

    i had the do this once to find 8 unico outlets burried in the cieling worked like a charm

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    I was at a new construction job about fifteen years ago.I left 1/2 hand bent double hemmed drywall frame on everything that was to be cut around.I was lucky enough to be there when they started drywalling.The bozo's actually smashed my rings flat & covered registers instead of cutting around them.I told the drywall foreman & he oh well I guess you'll just have to find them.I came back with a 26oz.framing hammer.& I said really loud so he could hear.Well Jeff(My helper) I hope it was here or they will have to patch a hole.I took a big swing with the side of my hammer & WHOP!I busted about a four inch round hole with the side of my hammer.My helper laughed his butt off & said Boy you got lucky that time usually You miss Mark!(I knew exactly where it was we were f-ing with them)Thet guy said ok ok ok we will cut them out!!!I scared the heck out of him!Any way I would call the drywaller & tell them it is their responsibilty to cut out around registers & an add will be charged to the job if you have to do his job for him!!
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