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    First off turn off your caps...It is interpreted by most as you "Screaming" at us.

    Secondly...What does "Smoke Like" mean????
    Is it smoke from the loader control valve solenoids, or is it an oil mist???
    Will the compressor load/unload???
    Does the "Smoke Like" appear when the compressor loads or unloads??
    What does the 46-48 amps signify????
    You might be in this over your head as "Smoke Like" can easily become "Fire Like" given the right (Or Wrong) conditions...
    Ain't "None" of us as smart as "All" of us..

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    dear richardL,

    Its like an oil mist coming from the top of the lead compressor (A1),when its in full load (running together with other compressor (A2), And the the reading of our clamp meter attached to lead compressor's main winding during its operation.May i know the right reading of line pressure when both compressor running in circuit 1?(A1 &A2).,because we try to charge freon gas on it.maybe we overcharge it.

    thank you for your reply

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    sorry i forget to add..its from the loader control valve solenoids,of lead compressor on ckt 1 (A1) and its an oil mist,AND ITS KEEP ON COMING,while the compressor's body build up heat,& there is no fault/error display on panel..and as i mention earlier sir.I am new on this chiller problems..


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    also Sir,is it ok to add freon with different brand?,but its the same type (R22),We add dupont freon,while the old one(inside) is R22 freon gas.that is made in China.i dont remember its name.

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    Back off Rhino.....
    You are in Waaaaaay over your head!!!
    You need a qualified service man before you or others get hurt or even a severe case of dead......
    The ins and outs of servicing this unit "CANNOT" be learned from this forum and it takes years of training for anyone to safely service the problem you seem to have.
    Please take the wiser path of seeking qualified help on this problem...PLEASE!!
    Ain't "None" of us as smart as "All" of us..

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    Yep I have to agree with the above post. Learning how to trouble shoot a Chiller through a HVAC web site is a bad idea.

    It would be different if you had some experience.

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    ok..anyway thank you for your concern.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R123 View Post
    You didn't answer ANY of the questions asked. If you expect help, your going to have to answer the questions or we're not going to waste our time!!!
    the exv its a new type and i open it and found that marking of line in the rod that connect with exv motor and it cannot open fully its getting stuck

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