I'm in the process of getting quotes to install geo. I had one guy tell me today that he is finding that he's unable to get parts, compressor, etc, for geo heat pumps, some only 6 years old. Different refrigerant, etc. He said the geo units are obsolete within 5 years. Is there any truth to this at all? He said he was talking across the board, all manufacturers, but it sounded like the main brands he's serviced are Trane and York, does york even make geo units?

I asked him, do you really think a company like Waterfurnace or Climatemaster, really aren't going to have parts stocked 10 years from now? I just find it hard to believe that 10 years from now finding parts will be an issue. He kept mentioning refrigerant.

Should I be concerned at all about finding parts 10 years from now, if I decide to go series 5 Waterfurnace, is that even a concern?