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    Quote Originally Posted by gravity View Post
    i have this manifold. I did a mitsubishi evacuation with these a while ago. I found that the charging port was leaking into the vacuum port during a vacuum.

    anyone else had this problem?
    Same exact problem with mine!
    PITA to remove my digicools and reassemble just to return.
    No way to rebuild the valves either.
    To top it off, all that assemble/disassemble crap, my swivels took a crap!
    I might try the appion manifold next.
    For the meantime, I bought a set of sman4's and put my digi's up until I rebuild them again

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwashabc View Post

    Where did you get the extra long manifold hook?

    Nice job converting your AK900 to fit the JB manifold. It looks so good that I thought that it was a stock setup. I was surprised when mine did not line up. That's what I get for not reading this thread more carefully.

    I am not sure that I want to modify mine. How did you get the sensors and the outside nut to lay flat over the slightly sloping portion of the bottom of the enclosure outside of the original holes? Is there a gap between the original holes and the outside nut?

    Bruce K

    The hook came with the DigiCools. I used a Dremel and a small level to get the sensors level. Not sure if the AK case is different or not. I also have several cases that I got from Lockhart years ago that were going into the garbage as they were from a batch that did not pass his hammer test. I have had no problems with any of them and they get dumped onto concrete and pavement from trailer and truck reefers often.

    As far as the JB manifold goes I have had no issues as others have stated and believe me if it did I would have been posted. It hasn't been used for the last month and probably won't for another 3 or 4 more as I had major shoulder surgery and will off till then. But that manifold has had a ton of refrigerant through it since I got it. If Lockhart would get his 4 valve out then I would get one as I need a 4 valve most of the time and know that it would be as good as his digital heads.

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