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    Hello. I'm getting close to buying a new 3 ton gas pack for my home in Kentucky to replace my 18 year old 10 SEER Rheem. Everything I read about the XL1400 looks good including the variable speed drive and 2 stage gas valve. Problem is that it costs about 1100 more than the new XL13C model. I think the XL1400 may qualify for an energy rebate which is good. The XL13C model is new which kind of scares me. Anyone out there care to share their wisdom with me? The installing contractor I want to use has a great reputation and I plan to buy through Home Depot to take advantage of some gift cards I got by cashing in frequent flyer points.

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    "gift cards

    I signed up for a free estimate to replace a HVAC unit through Home Depot. The "estimator/salesman" pointed out that I would be money ahead to deal directly with a Trane supplier. Home Depot adds 7% to the estimators guess for their profit. So your paying the HD markup plus the Trane dealers markup.

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    Home Depot

    Thanks for your response. I first got a quote from the Trane Dealer and now await the Home Depot quote. I told the Trane dealer what I was up to and he kind of indicated that the pricing would be the same, but I have yet to see it. Will let you know. Any comments on the XL13C??

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    Two different units.
    XL13 is single stage all the way around.
    XL1400 is 2 stage heat and also a variable speed blower.

    What are you looking for in a unit?
    Comfort and efficiency or is it just bottom line cost?

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    Trace Packaged System

    Thanks for your response. Actually, reliability is my first concern and then energy efficiency. I'm wondering about the reliability of the new design.

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    Trane xl13c

    I have got an estimate for a Trane Trane xl13c 3 ton unit. They are moving my present one from one side of the house to the other and changing the duct work and insuring that all the other duct work is ok, if not it will be replaced. The are removing my present furnace unit from inside my home so I will have an extra closet.They will be doing all the electrical and run new propane lines and take away all the debris. I have a modular home and converting to the outside unit. My present units are over 20 years old. The estimate for everything is $XXXXXXXXXX thru Home Depot and will take 3 days to complete. Is this sound like a good price for everything?

    Sorry but if you read the site rules you will find that pricing is not allowed on this technical forum. thx
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