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    heat pumps and air

    thinking of a couple heat pumps, but noticed some systems are air conditioning too. News to me we dont have central air or heat around here really.

    so i got a question. what is cheaper to run? a few window air conditioners from a big box store that are energy star rated, or a hvac system?
    what is cheaper to buy and run (rephrase)_

    heat pump better without the air conditioning with it?

    And how come the ones i am looking at says not for cold areas, when they are heat pumps. im thinking electric, i dont know if i like gas.
    im in maine.

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    What type of heat pumps are you looking at? I assume you're talking about central air/heat pump units added to your existing ductwork? Or are you talking about the mini-split or thru the wall HP units? Lots of difference between both, and prices also.

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    Depends on the application....

    Are you gonna live there? some other tenant gonna live there? Ya gonna bust a wall out? and live there? or Not? hahahahahahahahahahahahah
    I wish I had a $1.00 for every response I deleted.....

    "Decidedly Superior in a twisted pathetic way".....

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