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    I have two good installers, one who wants to put in a Buderis, one a 3-pass weil mclain. Which would you choose?
    It's a 1950's cape, oil, hydronic system. The cost differences aren't a big deal.

    Also, has anyone ever had any luck with a geothermal system in an old house? I know new construction is the usual condition for installation because you can make the house really tight, but does it ever work on an older house?

    I live in New England, with a 1700 s.f. cape.

    Thank you for your help!


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    I thought the buderus boiler was a three pass boiler as well.

    I would in your case properly go with the buderus.It can
    be setup with the logamatic control and help on comfort and the fuel bills.

    Geo..I would have to agree with your statement.It sure nice to have a good thermal wrap with a geo system when trying
    to heat the home.So yes with your emitter..which I could only assume is baseboard or rads then, a boiler is the proper way to go.

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    The Weil Mclain has outdoor reset built into its control system.

    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Look at the Burnham MPO instead. Also 3 pass, not as heavy, and easier to clean. American made too. Weil's gonna be importing castings from China soon. They bought a plant in China earlier this year.

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    gto boy Guest
    Buderus with Reillo burner and logomatic control

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    I think the Burnham MPO is worthy of consideration. Burnham is 100% American and easy to get. The Buderus is a good boiler too, but foreign. I'd definately skip the Logamatic control, but if the servicing company knows how to handle these, then maybe I'd consider it. I don't like the Weil McLain 3 pass boiler (Ultra), it's too big and heavy.

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    gto boy Guest
    Isn't that what customer's want is someone that knows how to work on the stuff.I realize that many places have only a few guys that can work on certain things,but I would want someone who keeps up with the Charlie Greer says"Evolve or die"

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    G125X Buderus Oil

    You should look into the Buderus G125 Hi Efficency Oil Boiler. It has a Buderus Burner and can get up to 89% or better on efficencies. Same casting as a
    G115 that has been around for years not like the W/M or Burnham which is
    NEW to them. Buderus is the best bang for the buck. Buderus is also coming out with Geo-Thermal soon.

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    its my understanding that the new burner is only available in limited areas right now for quality control reasons prior to mass marketing. But has that changed?

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    I know it is available in New England and you have to attend a training course before are able to buy them

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