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    Quote Originally Posted by sdt1104 View Post
    Engineers are like teenagers you don't have to tell them anything cause they already know it all.
    Engineers and weathermen..only two careers where you can be continually wrong and keep your job.
    Don't worry zombies are looking for brains, you're safe...

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    And if it works , give them time they will RE ENGINEER it until it no longer does

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    115 degrees shouldn't cause immediate short term issues IMO, I come from induction melting and experienced the same ambient temps. I agree with the design issues but you have power issues causing those acute problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy1010 View Post
    Well how bout that..check the 1st post date of this thread...another cap just blew up.
    Its 115f on the rooftop!!!!!. Supply voltage 479v thats fine. Started blower motor back up with new cap, its rated at 1.7...drawing 3A ..???? Dam near double

    On the last motor we changed couldnt turn the shaft and it was hot as hell. As it cooled down it began to spin again,

    Im goin with the heat and expansion theory on this as the culprit for all these cap and motor issues

    . Any yays or nays?
    Verified 479 supply voltage, did you verify the motor requirements? Could this be a 575v packaged unit installed in a 460v application?

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