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    New (old) guy from MA

    Been a long time registered "member" that is just now getting into the field. I joined years ago due to work on the wholesale side of the trade, I came from the oil heat side. After a few years in wholesale dealing with contractors I decided I liked dealing with homeowners a lot better . So I went back to being self employed oil heat service and install work, FHA, FHW, and steam. I had taken a few a/c classes over the years but never felt a real love of it, mostly due to bad teachers I think. This past fall someone told me about some classes with a real good "hands on" teacher that were cheap, so why not, if they stink I won't be out a lot. I learned more in the first 10 week basic session that I signed up for the advanced session, which was just as good.I guess this guy was able to flip the switch so I could really understand what he was talking about. So now here I am just trying to learn a little more.

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    a lot has changed in 7 yrs.

    got to get the post count up, that's where the valuable info is available.
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    Welcome to H talk!

    I have learned a lot on this site. Take advice from dandyme and apply for pro membership!
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