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    Need to cut into drywall to access unit ?

    I bought a new condo last year. The HVAC unit is dry walled in, except for the a panel door that opens that allows you to change filter. It also has a green light that you can see.

    The problem is that the unit only cools for a while and then the AC no longer works. The green light flashes on unit. To get it working again you have to power off/on whole unit from house fuse box. I don't think there is a problem with the remote thermostat.

    Now I have no idea what is wrong, but the problem seems to be happening more frequently.

    Am I going to have to get drywall cut in order for service man to look at it ?

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    You can do more damage to your unit by allowing it to run like that.

    I would strongly recommend someone that is trained and licensed to deal with that problem, its the only way you can get it fixed properly and safely. On a good note, at least you know where your filter is located.
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    If its what I think it is, its a vertical stac unit, so the Mechanical portion is actually a removable chassis unit. Of course I'm taking a stab in the dark here without a model or make.
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