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I'm just trying to weigh out my options. I'm looking for a great career, but still want my freedom, you know. It's hard to find anything that pays a decent amount without having a college education. I'm not really the type to go to school. I ****ed off my entire school career until about 10th and 11th grade, when history ****ed with my mind. I tried college and it just seems like to much work to catch up to where all the rest of the kids are, that actually took school seriously.
Guess what bud, you aren't going to get a free ride in life. If you work hard and go to school you will advance.

You don't wind up with a beautiful red headed wife, $40k SUV in the driveway, steaks on the table, and a nice farm house in the country on some land by sitting around playing video games and "wanting your freedom".

Sounds like it's time to kick your ass out of neutral and do something with yourself.