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    Vulcan Convection oven issues

    Im working on a gas convection oven that will not light in high fan speed but will light in low fan speed. Im thinking the orfice on the pilot is clogged? Just thought Id ask. Thanks

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    I'm not sure, but I don't think the blower running on high or low speed would have any affect on the oven lighting. I'm not familiar with Vulcan, but on the Garland ovens I work on, the ignition system is 24V and is completely independent of the blower operation.
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    I've had the opposite - it wouldn't light in low speed, but high speed was fine. It was the centrifugal switch in the motor not making in low speed.

    If you got spark in low speed but not in high speed, you don't have an orifice problem. See if you have power to the module and trace it back from there.

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    I concur with Kevin, check centrifugal switch and trace wiring. I might check to see if the bottom pan has rusted or burnt through allowing air to blow into combustion area on high speed.

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    So, if you think it's clogged clean it. Not usually the problem. Not the centirg sw. either. Could actually be the hi/lo fan sw. If it lights in low, does it achieve temp? Vulcan also has a hidden hi temp limit switch hidden in top middle of oven 1" behind doors. These ovens are simple after the hi temp limit. If cintrig sw works in low it should work better in hi.

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    On the Vulcans, I have never heard of the fan speed having any correlation with the lighting of the burner. I work on vulcan ovens quite frequently. I would venture to think its a airflow problem. When the fan is on high, I think it is blowing out the flame, as someone mentioned, by somehow getting under the belly pan of the oven.

    It also has nothing to do with the hi-limit as the oven wouldn't light period.

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