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    Confused 6YO Builder Grade Carrier AH and CU replacement


    New to the forum and new to replacing HVAC systems I'm hoping to get some guidance...

    I have a builder grade 1.5 ton carrier heat pump unit upstairs in a 6 year old house. It all started last year when I had to get the unit charged and during the inspection they found what was a small leak then. Well fast forward to this year and the unit began blowing warm air again while on AC. They came back out and said the leak went from being a 1-2 leak to a 8-9 leak and that coil was gone. But they would charge it and it might get you another 1-2 months. I was going to go this route to by some time, until they went outside and found the compressor in the condensing unit was not turning on. I was with them as we checked the voltage etc and sure enough it was gone also and needs replaced.

    So now it appears that I have to replace a 1.5 ton 6yo system. I’m just looking to verify that the way things went down it is in fact a true possibility. I do trust the tech’s we’ve been working with them for the last 4 years they did my basement duct runs along with servicing my units…but you never know!

    They said it should be $ for a 1.5 ton staged replacement unit which was his recommendation with a 10 year warranty…

    Any pointers would be great!
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    Quick update:

    They came back with two options:

    1. performance carrier unit 15 SER 1.5 ton for …
    2. infinity carrier 17 SER unit 2 stage, 2.0 ton, w/variable speed blower and de-humidifier capability if sensed by the thermostat for .

    Is there really any benefit of going with the 2 stage unit option other than efficiency?

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    Where is the leak? A leak repair or even indoor coil change is a fraction of the cost of new, unless money is no issue.

    Remember paying big bucks for a high SEER little unit may not make much sense. Payback could be longer than the life of the unit. How high are your electric rates?

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    Sorry about the prices...I just read the rules.

    They said there multiple leaks...and the coil went bad also as a result of working too hard and needing coolant and to fall on my sword here dirty filters...

    My rates are about .12 a KW. So when you say “high SEER little unit” are you talking about only a 2 ton infinity 17?

    The repairs would be a pretty penny too and in the interest of full disclosure three of my neighbors had their units replaced last year…so I guess I’m feeling a little bit lucky that I got an extra year out of mine…

    Money is always a concern…I could get the higher end unit but I’m all about return on investment! If it’s going to make my family more comfortable in terms of humidity, temperature control etc, and I could in fact see a drop in my bill then I might be willing to pull the trigger. But if the return on the higher end unit will be negligible, not seeing a difference in bill, still dry air when the heat and AC is on, unit having to work really hard to keep the house cool then to me I’ll go with the lower end model and call it a day!

    We’ve gotten by with a builder grade unit for years and I guess the question is if we upgraded would we notice a difference in anything really???

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