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    need some info on duct blasting

    as of march 1 all new duct systems must pass duct blaster test. how long does this normally take and is there any certain duct blaster better than others?

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    Duct tests usually take about an hour depending on how many registers there are.
    I've used the Minneapolis Duct Blaster many times. Always worked perfect for me.

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    Here are some manuals and quick starts. We carry both. There are discounts for HVAC-Talk members. They are both good products about the same price. It comes down to preference.

    If you call Eric, our sales manager Monday we might have a few Retrotec Q32's left on the shelf on sale. They just introduced a new version called the DU200 which is a little lighter.

    Here are some videos about the process also.

    One thing I would also consider is a sent of vent caps or vent covers instead of grill mask as they are reusable and easier to install.

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