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    First, thanks to all involved with this site. It is great to find sites like this that provide the layman with the opportunity to get information not generally available in the marketplace. Further, thanks to all the professionals on this board who take the time out of their schedules to post despite gaining little, if anything, from providing the info.
    I am interested in finding out the differences, if any, between the American Standard Heritage 14 Seer Heat Pump model#4A6H4036A and the Trane XL14i model#4TWX4036A. I have quotes that differ by about $1100 and am wondering if the Trane is worth the extra money. The service providers are very similar so the difference in equipment cost may decide the issue. Thanks in advance for any information.

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    Mechanically they are the same unit. The Trane has the funky top. Also, the indoor unit would have a 10 year parts warranty with an XLi compared to 5 with A-S. The indoor units are 100% the same. Sure wouldn't pay any extra though. I'd get a 10 year parts & labor warranty on anything today.

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    Trane is a division of American Standard. The internal parts are the same and interchangable. The difference is price, Trane is more expensive, the other difference is the exterior cabinets. Having installed and maintained Trane equipment that would be my choice. Just my opinion though.
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    Go with AS and upgrade to a 10 year warranty, you'll still be ahead of the game.

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    interesting... where I am, American Standard was slightly more than Trane.

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    You can either, pick the model you like, OR ask objective questions and derive the best model that suits your requirement.

    Ultimately, it is good to have a unit that gives you the lowest total ownership cost:

    All the best!

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