Nice morning for a change, Granpa felt perky and decided to drag the rowboat down to the pond and do some fishin.

Just when he gets settled in to watchin his bobber and sippin his first cup of coffee out of the thermos, he hears a faint voice say "pick me up!" He looks around and doesn't see nothing but water and trees. "Down here!" the voice says.

Granpa peers over the side of the boat and see's a bright green frog lookin up at him. "Come on, pick me up!" it says. With a soft grunt he reaches down and picked the little sucker up, cradling it carefully in his palm. "If you give me a little kiss, I will change into a beautiful women and show you pleasure like you have never known in your long life!" it says.

"Well ain't that something!" says granpa. He drops the frog in his breast pocket, and goes back to his coffee. "Are you crazy! Didn't you hear what I promised?" came the frogs muffled voice. Granpa peaks back down at the frog. "Hell no I'm not crazy!" he says, "At my age I'd just as soon have a talkin frog!"