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    I walked out of a HD to see my truck driving away.
    Anyway these great guys decided to take both my tool bags and I get to start over with new tools. I est I lost about $3,100 in hand tools. When I started field piece was just getting started and fluke was the king, how do you all feel about fieldpiece over fluke ? Seeing that I have 3100 to re buy with minus ded.

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    How did they steal your truck ??? Did you leave the keys in it ???

    I own fluke because I can afford to won fluke....they are no more accurate than anything else out get what you pay for in accuracy....

    The thing about fluke is that they offer a lifetime warranty on some of their stuff....

    Ive got two fluke clamp meters the 30 and the 36...36 is too big for my tastes so I just keep it as a spare....but I have been looking at this neat little sperry at home depot....yellow and red...its tiny and have been thinking about buying one of those to throw in my small tool bag....would fit nicely in my pocket. Got a few fluke multimeters but the only one I use at work is a fluke 16.

    Fieldpiece is fine though...I watch ebay for one of those old stick meters....the rectangular ones...always wanted one cause they are so skinny....lot of guys at work use fieldpiece.... a few use fluke....we have one guy who has the top of the line fluke it data logs and everything....really nice 400.00+ meter....uses it to check voltage and check continuity...~:> what a waste

    Buy the best you can afford...that you will be happy with

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    Started out with Fieldpiece. Decent test instruments. I prefer the amp clamps over the stick meters, just gets to be a big pain in the behind to use the accessory clamp. I only have one downfall with my 2 year old SC76 clamp-on and that is it is on its second set of leads. Starting to go with more Fluke, already have the 16. Not real sure why besides my addiction to tools, same reason I buy klein nut drivers over craftsman nut drivers.

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    I would go with a Fluke 16 and add that new Amprobe meter for a hundred bucks. I would build from there.

    I browse pawn shops. Not everyone aggrees with that philosophy but they are not buying my tools so I do what I do to get what I need.

    If it was based on price alone, I never would have discovered the Fluke 336 amp clamp. That inrush feature is worth whatever you must shell out for the meter.

    There were threads started a year or so ago asking which meter y'all use.
    Fluke, Field piece and uei or "other".

    Fluke was top dawg!

    Of course, this was only the results of those who had the guts to reply.
    Most guys kept their mouth's shut.

    I will admist though ... I certainly didnt make it easy on anyone who confessed to using fp or uei

    If you did a look up of this site, you'd realise why

    Another god thread here, somewhere, is entitled: "What do y'all carry in your tool bags?"

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    Originally posted by R12rules
    If it was based on price alone, I never would have discovered the Fluke 336 amp clamp. That inrush feature is worth whatever you must shell out for the meter.
    I carry a Fluke 336 and a Fluke 16. I feel like a dick for asking about the inrush feature on my meter... Does it take inrush readings from transformers or what? I need to know what makes this feature fantastic. What does inrush tell me and in what situation can I apply it?

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    Here is something I found on fluke that might explain better;'

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    fluke 16 hands down best value for an HVAC tech
    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll,
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

    -- William Ernest Henley

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    I use the fieldpiece 76 or 77 can't remember works flawlessly and has all the features I need in 1 meter ua,uf,type k t-couples plug in directly no adapter. If fluke would build it all on 1 package I might buy it but I'm not carrying 2 meters just so I can show off the label.

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    Originally posted by samtheman
    fluke 16 hands down best value for an HVAC tech
    I also use the Fluke 16. Fluke 336 doesn't do capacitance or temperature. While I was at it, I also bought the good clamp-on accessory for my 16, and industrial test leads. I also bought a Fluke 971 digital psychrometer, an2 a 24v tic and a 120v tic.

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    I had the fluke 16/322, but now have the fluke 16,pipe clamp and the 334 thanks to all of you and the thief.

    I got my truck back was 50 miles away and they took all my tools and did 3500 interior damage to my truck.
    Check your insurance and make sure you have riders for your tools and endorsement for any other than stock items installed in your vehicle.

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