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    I am a HVACR service tech of 35 years. I own a post and beam cedar house with 3 zone baseboard heat and a 30,000 Btu ductless split downstairs which cools the whole first floor due to the open layout. I need to install something for the upstairs bedrooms and was thinking about a Unico system. I've read most of the threads here and see very conflicting reports. I also want to do the job myself. I was leaning towards the HiV; I could put the air handler in the small attic space I have, would only have to run one set of lines and on electric line and one drain as opposed to multiple mini splits with multiple lines and electrical runs. Running the duct work would not be to difficult either in the exposed beam area. Any advice? I know United Refrigeration carries these systems. Would they be able to help me in the sizing and the ordering of the right parts?

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    don't know how much UR knows about sizing A/C in your area, but they suck in mine.

    See about taking a course before you install it.

    Follow all the instructions and you'll be happy with its performance.
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    Never use the minimum ammount of registers always put in a few extra imo.I prefer unico over spacepak myself.
    Take your time & do it right!

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    ive installed over forty unicos,they are great. they have a installation manual available on disc and paper that is very technical. follow it closely and you won't have any problems.

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    If you use the unico system, make sure you run at least 6 outlets per ton. Use 26 gauge round pipe, insulate it, and use the metal takeoffs from unico (will save money). If you can make the supply outlet to the round duct within 12', just use what you need of the sound attinuating (sp?) tubing and don't even need to use the 2' supply duct. Make sure your outdoor unit is rated for for the uncio coil, and don't forget the txv if using R410A.
    Remember to check the ARI ratings as well with your outdoor unit with the unico system as well. With some manufacturers, there can be a substantial btu loss for the system, and if your trying to "cut it close" (say your at 20,000 btus for cooling and you think you can get by with a ton and a half unit, you may be well on the short side to cooling the area).
    If done/installed properly, you won't have an issue with the system.

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