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    york ycas screw comp thermistor posts

    Hi all. New to the forum. I am working on a york ycas 270 ton system. I have to change the thermistor posts (4 0f them) on one of the screws-they have corroded and spade connectors have broken off-does anybody know if i can thread them out without removing the suction plate? York support has not got back to me TWICE. Thanks in advance.

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    use a 'Term-Loc'...
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    Jay is correct, the easy way is the term lock. If however you must replace them, you must remove the end plate. Unless they are rusted through and leaking, use the terminals locks.

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    Which ever route you go, be sure to coat them with liquid rubber so they don't rust again.

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    They'll unscrew.

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    They will unscrew, just be real careful the wire does not come off as you pull it up through the hole. Pre twist the wire befour putting the new one back in. Done it this way several times, got burned only once, because the wires were tangled inside and would not twist enough to get it unthreaded.

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    thank you all-i can't use the term locks, i have to replace them. Tried unthreading one of them, could not get the internal wiring up through the hole- it eventually came off inside- will have to remove the end plate! Is there any risk of damaging wiring or thermistors after removing the plate?

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