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    New Construction Confusion

    I am currently under contract to build a new home in SE PA. We are trying to decide on the best option for the HVAC system. I am hoping this forum and the readers will be able to educate me so that I can make the wisest decision here.

    It is a 3000 sq ft. home. The only two story space is the foyer. The standard option is an 80% eff. Rheem system with a SEER of 12 (or 13). I can't quite remember right now.

    The house is occupied 80% of the time during the day as my spouse works from home. He likes to be comfortable and will turn the A/C on the moment the outside temperature reaches 80. I am the exact opposite and have used the A/C about 10 times in the 4 years that I have lived in my current home. (and before he moved in)

    The following options are available to us, and I would like to know what is the best configuration to be the most cost effective now and in the future:

    1. Upgrade heater to 90+ 2-stage
    2. Upgrade heater to 90+ Modulating
    3. Upgrade AC to 14 SEER
    4. Upgrade AC to 15 SEER with Hi-E Coil
    5. Two zone package
    6. Attic fan

    Thanks in advance,

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    first off- has anyone completed a Manual J?

    2nd- the required capacity of unit would give better direction of what would benefit you best

    3rd- 3000 sq ft on one system- I'm not a fan of that (when that baby breaks there is gonna be a lot of uncomfort),,,, multiple units!

    4th- zone (electronic zone dampers) the multiple units (living, kitchen,play,sleep areas)

    more confusion on the horizon
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