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    Replacing System Option here

    Hi all again,

    After the research and advice from here, I found the right HVAC installer who was willing to calculate the load by manual "J" today. And I found that I need to have 3.5ton

    I have not had the actual quote from him yet (will be Tonight), but I had Three system options to choose.

    So I need to have all wisdom here now. Those are all with Dual Fuel Heat Pump.

    Option #1 Trane XR15 & XV80 (3.5 ton)
    Option #2 Trane XL15i & XV80 (3.5 ton)
    Option #3 Trane XL16i & XV80 (only choice for 4 ton unit)

    Since the rebate from Trane, there are a few hundreds dollar difference here.
    To me, the differences are a lot, but comparing it with total of the investing amount for system is not much.

    From this site, three choices are head to head.

    XR15 is cheaper but more efficent than others, and XL15i is better output than XL16i with a bit cheaper, but single stage. No one likes XL16i over XL15i.

    So my question is

    #1. I have not had any idea for Evaporated Coil to choose (The installer told me it will be 4 Ton Coil)
    #2. From the 3 options, which one is good choice for Hotlanta Weather (Dehumidifying Fuction)
    #3. Single Stage VS. Two Stages (Cons & Pros)

    My mind goes to Option 3 because XL16i is bigger number (Better?) and 2 stages.

    Any inputs are welcomed and appreciated.

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    Some matches with the 16i don't have the greatest latent numbers. That's technical talk for humidity control. Also, you can't use dehumidify on demand with the XV80 and the 16i.

    Get complete numbers so efficiencies and capacities can be checked.

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