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    That's fine. Like I said, I was planning on doing a few of those things anyway. I'm not going to replace all of the windows or anything, but a couple of them were slated for replacement anyway, and I was already planning on checking ductwork for leaks, etc.

    I also have bahama shutters being delivered this week which are going over every window on the west side (and north side) of the house, so that should help the greenhouse effect quite a bit.

    Within 6 months or so, I hope to have extended the porch out and will be building a thatch roofed structure covering the porch, so those doors and windows won't get direct light coming in either (east side). That only leaves the south side whose windows and doors lead to the (not under air) garage... and one bathroom... but I'm even thinking about putting one big mirror across that bathroom wall and sealing off that window anyway since it cuts the bathroom in half and looks at my neighbor's bathroom window.

    All of these things should help... just trying to have a system that works now AND works as these things get finished. I've done most of the work myself though, so it's slow going and may take longer than expected to make all the changes.

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    ithinktherefore wrote:
    >yesterday that it was at 77 for something like four hours. >Stat is the tcont803

    replace with a climatouch/totaltouch CT03TS32H, set stage 1 runtime to 30 minutes (excellent for s.florida humidity removal) and unit will kick into stage 2 after that and drop or maintain temp at 75

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    Isn't the tcont803 supposed to do the same anyway, but with a shorter pre-determined rampup time? I just can't figure out why it would drop down to a lower speed when it hasn't attained it's target or even within a degree or so yet. As for whether it's on stage one or two with compressor, I'm not sure how to tell that.

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    It just did it again. No doors open in over 2 hours now. All windows shut all day. Outside temp is not even that high... around 86-87.

    Stat is set at 76, but system for over two hours hasn't dipped below 78. Blower was on high for a while, but it just went down to low... still at 78 inside temp. I understand if it stops a bit short because blower still goes and blows cold air at lower temp, so if that's part of strategy to have consistent temp, then that's fine, but it's not hitting it's target. It's ramping up and down without ever getting to the destination.

    Isn't it supposed to keep on at high setting until it hits target? Why would it keep stopping short without getting to target temp?

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    It just can't stop running and running because ..

    "It's hard to stop a Trane"

    Sorry couldn't resist,call your contractor,now don't wait until the weekend.

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    Something is not right if I take my temp down from 79 to 76, it immediatly (except for the in between delay) goes into the second stage, until the setpoint is made. It reverts back to the 1st stage to maintain or finish the job. Please note the Xl19i during the peak part of the day depending on outside temp may run on the 1st stage maintaining the temp in the house for a couple of hours at a time.

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    actually, the trane is stopping itself.

    I haven't called them yet just because he reset the cfm's and charge yesterday, but there were people going in and out... so I wanted to make sure it wasn't just all the open doors.

    I can't find an indicator on the stat to tell me if compressor is only using 1 or both coils... do I just need to go out and listen to differences to determine this?

    Also, is there a likely reason it would keep cycling fanspeed down when it's still a couple degrees shy? Is this what it normally does, and then the slow speed gently brings it in for the landing, or is it unusual?

    I don't mind calling them if it's a problem, I'm just trying to make sure it's not me being over-sensitive before I have him drive across town and all. I think the tech already got yelled at the other day for leaving his guages over here when he reset the system for lower pressure in the ducts... He's a nice enough guy and very helpful... just trying to make sure I don't have him drive over here for nothing.

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    Originally posted by kevinmac
    Please note the Xl19i during the peak part of the day depending on outside temp may run on the 1st stage maintaining the temp in the house for a couple of hours at a time.
    But that's if it's already at the target, right? Like if you have it set at 76, it may kick on even though it's on target to keep it there, right? just making sure I understand.

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    I don't know what it is from here ,but with 85F ,and it can't get to 75,there's something wrong.

    Plus if I remember it did very well the first day or so,so I'd call now.

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    my XL19i with climatouch runs mostly in stage 1, same temps are you're having and I keep it programmed to run automatically/unconditionally 30 minutes stage 1 during the day, then run (if needed) stage 2. when outside is over 85, it rarely runs stage 2 and even then for only 5 minutes and turns off. I keep house at 76F and I have doors open all over the house to pool, garage, front and back doors as people and animals are coming and going.

    looks like your "so long" was premature. Can we have our fish back now ?

    as to your question on how you can tell which stage is running, yes, you can from the ECM board, it's all in the documentation

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    ecm board? Anything on the stat (inside) to tell?

    First day, system wasn't done 'till 6pm. 2nd and third day, lots of people going in and out, so it's been hard to tell... and with family coming over for weekend starting tonight, it's gonna be doors opening constantly.

    Then today... seems to be an issue earlier... but just came home, and it's 76deg. I guess I just haven't been 100% sure there's a problem. 85%, yes... but I just couldn't think of a reason it would drop down before hitting it's target unless that's just the way it's programmed because it figures it'll ease on into the target on the downside of the cycle.

    Oh, and *burp* ... the fish were delicious.

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    based on some random reading on the iaqsource thermo models, there are some that apparently place a status message on the display to signal stage 1 or 2 running. can't recall which make/models did this.

    actually, I would really like a "status page" that could be programmed by the prosumer, set to display obscure or interesting feature details that otherwise are available only by digging into the advanced settings menu.

    in my case, I would like to have a display set to show a running tally of kwH and filter hours, along with distinct total runtimes for each stage in hours:minutes

    currently I can see in the menu separately the kwH for each component (compressor, fan, furnace) and the filter hours but would leave that as my main display, if such an option would be programmable

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    Well, I don't see any sequence of immediately obvious screens I can get to to tell me compressor stage on the trane stat... maybe press two "buttons" at once or something in the manual... have to look.

    They're sending someone over tonight to check it out. It's set at 75. It hit 76 very briefly this afternoon, and we had one door open for less than a minute... but it's been at 78 for the last couple hours... and not getting any cooler.

    Also thought it was odd when cfm's adjusted the other day... I was under the impression from conversation with dispatcher that they might have to bleed the system to keep it from over freezing the coils on stage 2 if the air was blowing slower...

    ... but the tech before he left told me he ADDED a little bit of coolant... not much, but added... not subtracted. Am I crosseyed, or does that sound wrong?

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