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    Inspection was a joke. I even forgot to remove the wires from illegal jumper over to irrigation system. Inspector didn't care. He looked at a couple things, said... yup, that's a 3ton, breakers are right size... and he left.

    System seems fine now on most days, but part of today, it couldn't get below 78... high 90's outside. I gotta admit, though... I can feel cold air blowin' on the opposite side of the house, so...

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    I think some folks think inspectors are some kind of Gods or something I have 5 buddy's that are inspectors for the City Of Houston and I could not even begin to tell you some stories I have heard over poker games, one of the most common hell I wasn't even going into that nasty attic, or it was to muddy around by the condenser or hell I had not finished my lunch yet so I signed off and finished it at the home I was inspecting, most of these guys look at it as an 8 to 5 and go home. We had one just the other day tight attic complete install inspector said I can't get my fat butt up there then he ask me is everything right? I said of course, this is what we deal with on a daily basis.
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    70k under appraisal eh? Hmmm, needed new floors, new appliances, new ac system, poorly insulated etc.... I don't get it, were you bragging about this as some point to prove what a brilliant consumer you are? I just do not get it!

    You sir are a comedy of errors!

    ithinktherforyouare a dip without switches.

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    Originally posted by ithinktherefore
    System works fine on most days. When it gets to mid 90's plus outside, it still can't get below 77 or 78. I haven't had to deal with triple digit temps yet, but I'm still concerned about what will happen when it gets unusually hot.
    Where is that load calculation? Did you ever get one from your installing contractor? Why not?

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    ithinktherefore wrote:
    >System seems fine now on most days, but part of today, it couldn't get below 78... high 90's outside

    how's it doing now?

    have adjusted my thermo to run the XL19i smaller compressor for 55 minutes (unconditionally) each time either temperature *or* humidity setpoint is triggered. When the 4.0 ton stage 2 starts, it normally runs only for 5 or 10 minutes and shuts off, often staying off in the hottest part of the day for up to 45 minutes.

    This has resulted in a very steady 44-46% RH with inside temp at 77F daytime, 76F at night.

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