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    I have an older Techmate. Boss provided me with a new Inficon. Mine is just as sensative as his on a full battery and the battery lasts longer.

    Mine detects 410 his doesn't. He says he is going to get me a new head for it. Supply store says that once 22 has hit the head it does not detect 410 anymore.
    If the superheat ain't right it ain't charged right.

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    TIF ZX-1 Good down to .1 oz loss per year on R-22. Crack a bottle and do a side by side test. The TIF will pick up the leak first everytime.
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    I got my old H10 to react to the residue left in an empty hose set on some gages!

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    Originally posted by kevin1313
    TIF ZX-1 Good down to .1 oz loss per year on R-22. Crack a bottle and do a side by side test. The TIF will pick up the leak first everytime.
    I have the ZX-1 as well. For me it's been the best.
    Had many other brands and spent $$ an none worked as well as ZX-1. Also has a killer warrranty that can't be beat.

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    Originally posted by Reeferman
    inficon Tekmate is the best bang for your buck that you will get.
    I agree, with the tekmate the sensor is in the body, with the dtek it's in the tip. When I had the dtek I ruined 3 sensors by getting them wet, with them in the body I haven't ruined the first one.

    I also like using, I hate admitting this, a tif by GE.

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    snoop (aka soap bubbles) never fails

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    My personal favorite is an Ultrasonic Leak detector. They're pricey but, worth every cent. Once I learned how to listen with it, I've only had one leak in the last 5 years be missed. And that was because of ambient noise and my trouble hearing in very noisy environments. Every other one I've gone right to it, never fail. It's my GOTO detector!
    I also have a CPS L790A that does OK but, it will confuse in a contaminated atmosphere and it does react to moisture and some other materials.
    Nitrogen and Soapy stuff never lets me down!
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    I used to have the old dtek was sweet. I got a robin air leak detector now and im not impressed with it, uses batterys and i have to calibrate it each time

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