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    Log Set for Heat N Glo Dakota 42

    I recently bought a Dakota 42 fireplace that has no log set or burner and I'm trying to work out what type of log to install in it. Am I able to use a third party log such as RH Peterson or Hargrove or do I have to find the original Heat N Glo log set that came with the unit? The interior valve and all other parts are missing so I would need the entire setup but I'm not sure this is necessary.

    Thanks for your help

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    Why do you not have the entire fireplace? Did you buy this used? You should hire a pro familiar with this fireplace to plan its installation in your patio and install it. Note that is an outdoor fireplace.

    You can contact your nearest FireSide Hearth & Home for support as they are owned by the patent company that owns HNG.


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    Thanks for the reply Hearthman. I bought this from a company that was closing a showroom so this was setup just for display and has no valve / log / etc. Its setup in a masonry enclosure and is meant to be outside but I just need to install a log. I've talked to multiple dealers but get different responses depending on what they want to sell and install. I'm trying to save where I can but need to make sure I'm not causing any safety issues. Do you see a reason why I shouldn't use an RH Peterson log in this application?


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