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    Chicago -TRANE helpers

    if your out of a tech school or high school have training great opp. to hook up with a major factory company.30miles travel requested... so plan on being in the CHI-TOWN on the high rises. mint experience for a guy at 18 yrs old to catch the field with the latest stuff...five years wow big 23yrs old in a van doing the big city....20yrs in you'll be a awesome 38yrs old....and never look back and you'll have a nice standard of living with a rate and seasonal OT$$$$$$
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    Hussmann Service job postings no longer show up on the IR careers website. Does anyone know what's going on with them.


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    they sold that group off according to the google articals
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    Ingersoll Rand sold Hussman, like Maxster said. I am not sure of the details and if it was just manufacturing or service or the whole thing.

    I also agree with everything Maxster said about this being a good opportunity for someone who just finished tech. school. Even if it doesn't work out long term, it will still look good on a resume or CV.
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    Hussmann Corp. (except Hussmann Service) was sold like a year ago. Hussman Service, for example in FL, was under the Trane Building Services FL Operations Manager. This was still the case a couple of months ago. Did Hussmann Service go back to Hussmann Corp.? I didn't see a disclosure on the Hussmann careers site stating about Hussmann Service being seperate from the Hussmann Corp. Can anyone shed light on this matter?

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