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    Quote Originally Posted by AC5096 View Post
    Toyota Tundra is my ride. Going with another one this year. The seat on my 02 is tore from my butt, so a new truck is in order.

    In 10yrs I've replaced one O2 sensor, brake pads, and 3 sets of tires.
    Ditto Toyota. My 08 Tacoma has 145k miles and zero repairs other than fluids, brake pads and now on my 3rd set of tires. Amazing vehicles and as long as one fits my needs I prefer them. And after 5 years and 145k miles it still trades for >60% of what I paid for it. And it pulls the company tandem trailer with a bobcat or whatever else when needed.

    My last Chevy and Dodge were always needing something repaired or replaced.

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    2002 E-250 from new was a good truck until it hit 108,000 at which piont it popped a spark plug, It was ok after that. No complaints on the brake, tire, suspension wear.

    2005 E-350 V-10, this is the truck to have, 5 speed transmission, tons of torque, excellent wear on everything. It handled well too.

    2008 E-350 w/ 5.4L V-8, no major mechanical issues since new, first set of front brakes lasted 85,000 miles, 40,000 on second set of front shoes, one set of front calipers, the rears are still the originals as far as I know, tire wear has been good, just make sure of tire rotations every 10,000 miles or so.

    No complaints on any Ford Van that I've had as a service vehicle except the 300 I-6 in a late 90's E-150 I had, not enough torque to run up some of the longer hills that are around me. I didn't like being "that guy" in the slow lane doing 45 mph with my foot practically going through the floor.

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    Only complaint I have with the 02 ford e-350 the company gave me to drive is the armrest pops off the stopper and moves down a couple inches, and the vynel on the armrest is all cracked up. 7.3 turbo diesel great power 170 k on the clock, I'm just glad I'm not paying the fuel bill for it at 10-12 mpg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolMech View Post
    Has anyone Had a dodge serivice truck before? The 98-04 Model the dodge Ramvan as I believe they are called. Bell Canada used them out hear for many years and now just re did thier fleet with Ford's (Probaly cause Dodge doesnt make a full sized van) and Bell is selling off all thier old trucks. I am looking at getting one cause they are at great prices and have all the nice bins back rack ladder rack etc installed in them already.

    I am wondering from anyone that knows about them what to look out for?
    What are the known major problems these vans have and what i should look for?
    I know the van is old and used but at these prices I can afford to do a little body work slash paint. I will wanna paint the van Black cause they are like purple now. It has the 5.2L V8 in it.

    So what are the know major issues with these vans Thanks????
    I use to hate Dodge's, but recently started a business and needed something quick. I found a '00 dodge 3500 (130k) with trade-in for $900. This was an old nextel van and had the wire shelves in the back. I was a little scepticle at first, being that I have ran out of chevy's most of my career and am use to the solid rack designs, but have been very impressed with the shelving system thus far (I will be upgrading to a small 12' box van and hope to use this same shelving)
    I must have been blessed, because she has ran solid except for some minor issues for the past year.
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    I had one, uni-body, not a body on frame. Had a ladder rack on van, work had to take it off as the van wasn't designed for any roof load. Everytime I stopped or started after a heavy rain you could hear a lot of water sloshing from front to back. Van was a mid 90s unit.

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    I have always had chevs and one ford. All were reliable. Chevs used to rust out. Now have a 2005 chev express with galvanized body panels. No rust but like most of them I see on the road paint is peeling off the hood and around windows. i expect my truck to have a professional appearance. I will never again buy a paint peeling chev. Will look at the new nissans next or poss the ford transit

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