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    Are there any HVAC companies in Chicago that do not work their techs to death IE 12 to 16 hour days? Been working for this one company for the last two weeks (just got hired) and man, I start at 7am and go home around 9pm. Real pain if your married.

    So if there are any companies out there that dont work their tech's into an early grave, please let me know and I'll e-mail you a resume.

    Sergeant HVAC

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    Hey Sarge, be glad ya got a job, there are others who wish they had them hours...

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    which end are you in residential or commercial?

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    Originally posted by maxair
    which end are you in residential or commercial?

    Residential mostly, though I would not be adverse to expanding over to refrigeration and commercial.


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    Thats the thing about residential its a feast or famine.
    The sad truth is there is hardly any customer loyalty
    if you dont get them quick they move down the phone book.
    The other thing is its weather driven work when its hot
    or cold they love you other than that its pretty sad.
    If people would maintain there air during the off months
    it would help balance things out and keep the dirty or
    low freon calls to a minimum.
    Companies are only interested in money.They have seen
    techs come and go so much any more they take it as normal
    just part of the job.Residential Hvac is a tough job market.

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