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Thread: t116 alarm

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    t116 alarm

    looking for answer on a 30RA010-55 CHILLER alarms out on t116 was running fine mother board went bad replaced it and now t116 alarm unit will run 4 times then alarm out reset alarm and gain unit will run 4 times and alarm out have expan.valve, low ref charge,filter dryer,pressure transducer and flow all is within range any help would be great

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    well this was no help

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    Perhaps all the people that can help you, are busy working, and not online at the moment.
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    Maybe some readings from the machine would help. At least a starting point instead of an open ended statement.
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    I believe this alarm occurs when hot gas bypass is energized 6 times within 30 minutes? You should look real close at the txv. I heard Carrier had issues with the expansion valves on these.

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    What exactly is a to t116 alarm? (Don't feel like going get my book)

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